Class Newsletter

Ms. Tademy’s Classroom NewsOctober 4, 2010

Dates to Remember


Lunch from 10:45-11:15Conference Period: 8:45 – 9:30 *** Report Cards On Thursday***

Thank you Parents who have sent a snack!  J


Our class will have a small snack in the afternoons to help tide kids over since we have an early lunch.  I also use this time as social development. Please send a snack for your child to share with the class.  The snack guidelines for the state of Texas schools are below.


Sodas, popsicles, gum, hard candy, jelly beans or other sugar sweets.

YES!:Graham crackers, animal crackers, goldfish or pretzels.

Important Info

*** This is the final week of this grading period.  *** If you need to contact me - my conference time is from 8:45-9:30 daily.  You may reach me during this time or after school at 752-4511.  I also have a web page for our class:  - please visit it anytime. J DAILYOur morning meeting reinforces many exciting things - such as: money, counting, graphs, math vocabulary, the weather and the calendar. We also work daily on being a good citizen by working together, cooperating, following the rules, problem solving and positive conflict resolution. 

This week

we will learn:

 Reading: Ø     The initial sounds in a word.  Ø     The initial and final sounds of the letters m and t. Ø     The name of the lettersØ     High Frequency Words              I * am  * the * little * a * toØ     Comprehension Focus         * Classify and CategorizeØ     It is important to read to your child everyday – please ask them questions about the story, this will help with their comprehension. J  Handwriting: We are learning to write our name and the letters of the alphabet. Math:This week is a week of review.  Students will work on their specific area of need.  We are reviewing the calendar, patterns and the numbers 0-5 Science:

Students will observe, record, and discuss how materials can be changed by heating or cooling.

 Social Studies:

Students will learn how to read a simple map and give directions from one place to another. 

 Thank you J   Ms. Tademy